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Workers Sacked For Social Media Posts | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – A growing number of Australian workers are having their employment terminated as a result of posts they have made to their social media accounts. Australian employment lawyer Stephen Dryley-Collins looks at some case studies, and has advice for workers.

Can I Be Sacked For Taking Sick Leave? | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Can you be sacked for taking sick leave? Employment law expert Miles Heffernan from Supportah has the answer.

Sacked For Refusing A Flu Shot | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – A Queensland childcare worker has been sacked for refusing to have an influenza vaccination. The worker claimed unfair dismissal, however the Fair Work Commission found she failed to follow a reasonable and lawful direction to have the flu shot.

Bullied & Humiliated Out Of Job By PM | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Former Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate has delivered scathing testimony to a Senate inquiry, accusing Prime Minister Scott Morrison of bullying and humiliating her out of her job.

Teacher Sacked For Being Gay | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Teacher Karen Pack says she was sacked by Morling College in Sydney for being a lesbian and announcing plans to marry her same-sex partner.

Have You Received A Written Warning? | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Industrial advocate and employment law expert Miles Heffernan answers your questions about written warnings.

Have You Been Unfairly Dismissed? | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – If you have been unfairly dismissed from employment, you might be eligible for compensation or your job back.

What Is Serious Misconduct? | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Many workers are wrongly accused of serious misconduct. Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan answers your questions about serious misconduct.

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