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Deliveroo Rider Claims Unfair Dismissal | STV News

STV News – A Deliveroo rider sacked for taking too long to deliver food is taking the company to the Fair Work Commission claiming he was unfairly dismissed.

Tattooed Teacher Fired For Scaring Kids | STV News

STV News – Sylvain Helaine, known as the world’s scariest teacher because of his tattoos, has been banned from teaching students under the age of six.

Rockhampton COVID-19 Nurse Cleared Of Wrongdoing | STV News

STV News – The Rockhampton nurse who continued to work in an aged care home while infected with COIVD-19 has been cleared of wrongdoing.

JobKeeper Slashed – How Much Will You Lose? | STV News

STV News – The JobKeeper payment has been slashed today – find out how much you will lose.

Can I Be Refused A Job Because Of My Tattoos? | STV Explainer

STV Explainer – Can a prospective employer refuse to hire someone because of their tattoos, piercings or hairstyle?

Find Out The Real Reason Lee Lin Chin Left SBS | STV News

STV News – Popular newsreader Lee Lin Chin has revealed why she left SBS in 2018.

Her comments come after a number of former SBS staff came forward alleging a toxic culture of racism at the network.

What Is A Genuine Redundancy? | STV Explainer

STV Explainer – What is a genuine redundancy?

With the coronavirus COVID-19 hitting industries like aviation particularly hard, thousands of Australian workers are being made redundant.

Watch to find out what is a genuine redundancy and what is a non-genuine redundancy and unfair dismissal.

12 Coronavirus Workplace Rights Questions Answered | STV Explainer

We are being swamped with calls from Australian workers who want to know about their workplace rights during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.  Employment Lawyer Charlotte Campbell from Fair Work Employment Lawyers answers 12 common questions about workers rights during the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

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